The Digital Optimization System has arrived.

Do you know how your digital products drive your business?
With Amplitude, now you know.

Amplitude is the pioneer in digital optimization software. More than 1,400 customers, including Atlassian, Instacart, NBCUniversal, Shopify, and Under Armour rely on Amplitude to help them innovate faster and smarter by answering the strategic question: "How do our digital products drive our business?" The Amplitude Digital Optimization System makes critical data accessible and actionable to every team — unifying product, marketing, developers, and executive teams around a new depth of customer understanding and common visibility into what drives business outcomes. Amplitude is the best-in-class product analytics solution, ranked #1 by G2. Learn how to optimize your digital products and business at


Product Analytics for Dummies

North Star Playbook

HBR / Harvard Business Review

Nucleus ROI Report

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Amplitude - Product Analytics for Dummies
Amplitude - North Star Playbook
Amplitude - HBR / Harvard Business Review
Amplitude - Nucleus ROI Report