Data protection must become part of the business culture survey

These days it seems to be a case of another day, another data breach. South African organisations are becoming increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks, with a slew of breaches targeting some of the country’s top organisations, including Experian, TransUnion, the DoJ, and Dischem. The question on everyone’s mind, is who’s next? And it’s not getting better any time soon. Attacks are growing in frequency and sophistication, with attackers infiltrating networks and stealing data every day.

To see how South African organisations are managing their data protection, Altron with TechCentral are conducting a survey, which aims to unpack the challenges they face, the solutions they are finding most effective, and threats they fear the most.

We would appreciate five minutes of your time, to take this survey, and add your voice to the cyber security conversation in South Africa.

ASI | Security Survey | Oct 22