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Transact digitally through our platforms. New  products and vendors are added for self service. Integrate our partner APIs directly onto your own environment or platform.


Join our journey

Become a reseller through the partner journey program. It will assist you through every step to provide a zero day start in any technology vertical.


Become a vendor

Let us build your channel by recruiting new resellers in our ecosystem. We’ll enable, grow, and transform them into successful business partners.


Track my parcel

Transact digitally through our platforms. Digitally track your orders. With Axiz, you are always in control. 

Vendor partners

Join our journey

To us, our customers are more than just buyers of products, software and services. They are partners that we interlock with at their level of technology adoption. We engage our partners where they are at in the ecosystem and provide a guided engagement to get them to their succeeding level of the journey with the brand, solution or services relevance they are acquiring for their customer’s success. From certification to digital enablement, we provide a multi-tiered partner journey that assures joint value creation.


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Global access

Our commitment to our stakeholders is to be the best and most successful distributor in our region. We strive towards this goal by being the most valued channel for our partners and by contributing to the growth and profitability of our  shareholders, staff, vendors, channel partners and their customers.


Channel science

Our mission is to create value through excellent service, incremental efficiency realisation, demand  generation, relevant skills, and access to markets. We provide offerings to our resellers which include our vendor relationships, relevant skills, access to credit, training and business development.


People focus

We focus culture on respect for our diversity and aspirations of all stakeholders and commitment to ongoing innovation of our offerings. We remain considerate of interests of the society, conforming to ethical standards as defined by the law, regulations, internal policies and procedures and the requirements of our stakeholders.


Digitally led

We strive to be a catalyst in the transformation of the channel by improving our relevance to the market through the  continuous improvement of our people, processes, systems, product and services. We believe that our transformation lies in building ecosystems which enables our channel to transcend technology to real digital value creation.

Customer Testimonials

We are a value added distributor of the world’s leading enterprise technologies, read all about our success stories here.