Introducing Calybre: The avant-garde Data Pioneers of Tomorrow.

We started our company to empower individuals and organisations with the expertise to make an impact with data. Our strong emphasis on data sets us apart and enables us to cultivate high-quality data professionals. Our team's extensive industry knowledge and experience guarantee expert guidance, support, and alignment with our customers' data journey.

Our dedication to data and our desire to assist people motivates us in everything we do.

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We land people with exceptional data skills in our customers worlds.

Team Augmentation

We are preparing our people to become your people. Find out how we can support you in using the best talent, regardless of platform, on your specific challenges.

Data Analytics

Analysing data to discover patterns and insights to help answer business questions, including the visualisation of data stories into Reports or Dashboards (Depending on the complexity of the business questions that needs solving, this service could extend to include Advanced Analytics and Data Science services)

Data Engineering

Designing and building an automated solution that will simplify the activity of collecting, collating and preparing data for Data Analytics in a secure, reliable and repeatable manner.

Data Platform Enablement

For clients with no Data Engineering and analytics technology, we will assess the data maturity and functional needs, architect the best-fit platform, provide advisory support for optimal technology selection, then implement the technology into a robust Platform that will enable them to build automated data solutions.

Data Analytics Capability Enablement

This is an advisory service for clients that want to enable a team or the enterprise to become Data and Analytics mature. The Advisory service will assess their current way of working from the People, Process, and Technology perspectives and provide a practical strategy and way-forward for the leadership's question: "I want our company to become data-driven. How do I go about that and where do I start?".

Data Competency Creation

You know you need a team of data professionals to support your business, but aren’t sure where to begin. Calybre can help you to put together a team of talent, whether big or small, to support all your business needs.

Data Projects

If you have a specific requirement that has a data element, we are happy to join your team to provide the necessary data expertise to solve your business problem.

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