Take our enterprise storage survey, and stand a chance of winning R2000 online voucher

Tarsus Distribution and HPE have partnered with TechCentral to bring you an opportunity to contribute to a survey about enterprise storage in South Africa.

We hope to get IT and business leaders input to gauge their data storage plans, because their answers have implications for both IT and business units, while organisations of all sizes, and in all industries, battle to strategically plan storage purchases in times of unprecedented technological change.

This survey will delve into whether businesses are on their storage and cloud journeys, where their concerns lie, as well as how they are managing their workloads with their current storage solutions.

This survey will take only a few minutes of your time, all participants stand a chance of winning a R2000 online voucher.

Tarsus & HPE | Storage Survey | Sept 2022

Thank you for your time.