Incredible believes that SMEs fuel the growth of our economy, and as the leading tech retailer in South Africa, they are committed to playing a role in supporting SMEs and helping them to grow and expand. Every entrepreneur or business owner needs access to the latest technology and trusted services so they can focus on their business instead of worrying about essential resources.

As a versatile retail partner, Incredible caters to different industries providing tailored solutions to meet unique needs. They understand the challenges that SMMEs face, from finance & funding assistance, to skills development and access to reliable technology. As such, they offer a comprehensive range of products and services, from cutting-edge technology to office essentials, ensuring that business operations run smoothly and efficiently.

With a customer-centric approach, they take pride in building strong relationships with their partners, enabling them to thrive in their respective fields through their reliable and forward thinking retail and business solutions.

Incredible introduces an Innovative online business portal

For the last 28 years Incredible has become the leading tech retailer in South Africa. Their offering, however, includes more than just their traditional retail stores and recent expansion into cellular offerings. With a key focus on providing solutions and support to SMEs, they recently introduced Incredible Business, which is set to transform the retail procurement process for SMEs and Education governing bodies with helpful tools like their online business portal.

Traditionally, retailers simply sell their goods to SMEs and Education institutions through their physical stores and eCommerce platforms. However, this process often necessitates requesting manual quotes for approval, leading to extended lead times on approval and potentially stock limitations. These are just some of the obstacles that Incredible solved with their latest online capability that enables all businesses to establish a dedicated business relationship with a team of business experts.

Here are some of the core functionality the platform offers:

• Comprehensive quoting tools.
• Price negotiations on bulk orders.
• Purchasing rules and replenishment.
• Purchase order management.
• Managing requisition lists.
• Affordable payment options that include a business account, rentals, loans and more.
• Access to an extended curated range of business tech, office equipment, furniture and appliances.


Through the Incredible Business portal, businesses overcome the need to physically obtain a quote from a store, seek internal approval, and then return to the store for stock acquisition and payment.

Businesses can now simply create a business profile online and add multiple users with distinct roles in the procurement process. One user can effortlessly request and negotiate pricing, while another has the authority to approve purchase order requests, allowing their finance team to securely check out using a variety of payment options, including cash, instant EFT, a 30-day interest free business account and more.

This digital transformation streamlines operations and elevates the overall procurement experience for businesses. When you buy from many other retailers the relationship ends at check-out, but with Incredible Business this is only the first step, allowing your business to do what it does best with the support of a valued business partner and expert team.

Learn more about their Business portal and other unique services at or email [email protected] for expert advice.


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