Tools to succeed in the digital-first workplace.

Choosing the right computers is key to business success.

Computers have become critical business tools that are used in every aspect of an organisation’s operations, such as admin, sales, product development, HR, marketing, and finance. This is why it is crucial that business leaders take the time to select the machines, software, and peripherals that meet their needs.

However, when it comes to buying computers for the business, there is such a wide variety of options, many companies have no idea where to start. Given the breadth and diversity of vendors and specs, as well as types of machines, including smartphones, tablets, and powerful desktop systems, making the right choice of the best technology for the organisation can be daunting.

From the highly cost-effective entry-level desktops to the most powerful workstations and sleek all-in-ones, choosing the best PC for business will depend entirely on the workload each machine needs to run and how its users will interact with the device.

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Pinnacle is South Africa’s leading ICT distribution company built on the foundation of entrepreneurial spirit. We offer our clients a broad range of world-class technology products seamlessly delivered across an expansive footprint. Everything we do is underpinned by our technical expertise, drive and determination – we call it delivering the exceptional.

Pinnacle is an authorised and exclusive distributor for many leading vendors, allowing us to be the first to market the latest technology and ideas available.

We also manufacture products such as the Proline range of PCs, Notebooks, Monitors, Point-of-Sale products, phones, UPS and more – all specifically designed and built to meet the needs and demands of an African market.

Further to this, Modrac and our steel managed products offer a virtual ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your enclosure and racking requirements.



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