Publishared specialises in digital marketing in the business-to-business (B2B) space, focusing on well-defined content creation, thought-leadership pieces, and direct communications to our clients’ key prospects.

Our team is diverse, made up of expert marketeers, vendor partner managers, and B2B development specialists with a thorough understanding of the ICT industry. This experience totals over 45 years and enables us to work closely with our clients as trusted advisors, enhancing the awareness and credibility that matters the most.

We have excellent relationships with top C-Suite technology decision-makers, channel leaders, and organisations across all industries, and have built a network that has enabled our clients to collaborate with partners and clients on marketing initiatives.


The only way to consistently grow in B2B is to be better than very good - Seth Godin

Digital Marketing

To be effective at digital marketing, a multi-channel approach is a necessity.

With Publishared’s focus entirely on the business-to-business market, we prioritise LinkedIn, and niche business publications. Using these channels we take prospects on a buying journey.

Content Creation

We know who the best writers are (and who are not!). This has afforded us the luxury of partnering with the best of the best to ensure that content can be created on the fly.

Whether, a voice note from you, or a quick call – we research and write, and you approve. Creating content doesn't need to be time-consuming for clients.

Publishing Partners

Publishared has formed direct partnerships with almost all the leading B2B publications in South Africa and across the continent as well.

We work with the platforms that attract the professional business decision maker, within Enterprises and SME's. With these strong relationships we ensure best pricing and placement based on each campaign.

Bespoke C-Suite Events

Re-connecting, in person, has become more important than ever. We offer various options from C-Suite roundtable discussions to offsite retreats for clients, partners, and staff. We manage each bespoke experience to meet your specific objectives and outcomes.

Client Retention

CRM has been a passion of ours since inception, and we believe client service and retention is as crucial a business goal as the acquisition of new clients. It costs five times as much to attract a new customer than it does to keep and to exist one. Let us help you keep them loyal.

Audience Acquisition

Publishared are the epitome in expertise when it comes to connecting our clients with their most sought after customers, no matter how niche the market.  We drive attendance to your events, webinars, gold days and even direct face-to-face meetings. We target your most valued prospects (as identified through a briefing with your account manager) and secure a registration, a download or an entry into your relevant marketing initiative.

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