Altron Encryption Webinar: Shielding Confidential Data from Prying Eyes

Transacting online has become more commonplace than ever before. Activities such as online banking, e-commerce, and even investing, depend on technology as they involve the exchange of sensitive and confidential information. And with the number of financial transactions soaring, securing these transactions has become a top priority for businesses in every sector.

This is why a growing number of companies have turned to encryption technology to help them secure their financial transactions and other confidential data, both at rest and while in transit. Encryption serves as a means to ensure secure communications and keep them safe from third-party interference. It involves the use of mathematical algorithms to transform data into an unreadable form, to keep it safe from the prying eyes of bad actors and other malefactors.

Join Brendan Haskins, TechCentral’s moderator, alongside esteemed industry professionals Caryn Vos, Senior Manager of Crypto at Altron, and Neil Cosser, Regional Sales Director at Thales. Together, they will explore the pivotal role of data encryption within the security landscape, shedding light on its critical importance. The discussion will delve into the challenges businesses face and elucidate how implementing data encryption can address and resolve these pain points.


Altron | 17 Dec 2023

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