Salesforce: The high-value target that’s overexposed & under-protected

We all know Salesforce is a keystone of how organisations run and generate business. More and more sensitive data is being stored in there and hackers are widely seeing it as a high-value target.

With how incredibly complex Salesforce permissions are to manage, many organisations can’t answer critical questions about their Salesforce data, which could leave your most sensitive data exposed. Can your salespeople only access the data they need in Salesforce and no more? What about external contractors?

In this session, we’ll discuss…

  • Why data security in Salesforce can be so difficult
  • The shared responsibility model – where Salesforce’s security responsibilities end and yours begin and what that means for your data security
  • Misconfigurations that put your Salesforce data at risk
  • How to identify critical misconfigurations in your Salesforce environment and secure it against threats


Speaker is Mike Mason.  Host is James Erasmus.

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Varonis l On-Demand Webinar l Aug 2022