Humans are your weakest security link. According to Check Point this is why…

Intrigued about why cybersecurity loopholes never close? Research has shown that 81% of security breaches involve weak or stolen credentials. We’re all human, and we all make mistakes – add to the mix that your company infrastructure could be vulnerable, and you are on a losing wicket.

In this whitepaper we provide you with the tools you need to better educate your corporate users on what cyberthreats can look like. How cybercriminals will always find a loophole to get to your end-users and will use every trick in the book to wear down your defences.

Join our security villain, Mr Phish, on his journey through your corporate network and devices. Learn how he is waiting for one of your end users to make the smallest slip up so that he can enter and conquer your environment, and how with robust, layered security you can thwart his efforts.

Need a simplified yet effective means to communicate to your business why you need to invest more in security? Looking for something to give your exco the wakeup call they need to take security more seriously? Then this whitepaper “Humans Are Your Weakest Link – Protecting Against Phishing and Social Engineering Attacks” is exactly what you need.

Let us help you better protect all surfaces with a set of security solutions that are up to the task and get the upper hand on Mr Phish.


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