An intelligent guide, to intelligent privacy

Looking for a simple and straightforward insight into an effective privacy programme that translates into efficient decision making and planning for the busy executive – you will find it here in the latest white paper from Atvance Intellect.

“Good governance frameworks are really important as they show you where your data sits, how sensitive it is, and what you can, or can’t, do with it. If you know the governance, if you ask the right questions, then you can manage your IT, your people, and your data with an understanding that translates into minimised risk and maximised value.” – Brendon Ambrose, Atvance Intellect.

Get in touch with Atvance Intellect, experts in data privacy, data law, compliance and global best practice to ensure that your business doesn’t just survive compliance, it leverages it for growth.

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“Remember – POPIA was implemented as a step towards improving South Africa’s ability to trade on the global stage. It’s not a barrier, it’s a door opening.” – Brendon Ambrose, Atvance Intellect.



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