Enabling Cyber Resilience into the Future in Southern Africa

We ensure that we integrate into your organisation’s systems, processes, people, and your existing technology in order to become a critical part of your team.

Our Expertise

Get the most out of your Cyber Security investments with skilled experts from our team to support yours.

Providing innovative and cost-effective services and solutions requires experienced staff. CYBER1 Solutions employs a significant number of security-certified technical consultants, providing superior knowledge & comprehensive expertise. We have highly skilled and experienced technical teams located in our regional offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Nairobi, Dubai and Europe.

Who We Are

CYBER1 Solutions is a Cyber Security specialist operating in Southern Africa, East & West Africa, Dubai and Europe. We provide innovative, agile, end-to-end security solutions to support our customers at every step along their security transformations.

Our solutions deliver information security; IT risk management; fraud detection; governance and compliance; as well as a full range of managed services. We also provide bespoke security services across the spectrum, with a portfolio that ranges from the formulation of our customers’ security strategies to the daily operation of end-point security solutions. To do this, we partner with world-leading security vendors to deliver cutting-edge technologies augmented by our wide range of professional services.

Our services enable organisations in every sector to prevent attacks by providing the visibility into vulnerabilities they need to rapidly detect compromises, respond to breaches, and stop attacks before they become an issue.

What We Do

A robust Security Operations Centre (SOC) that is well run, and equipped with the latest technologies and expertise can help bolster the security posture of any organisation. But building and maintaining your own SOC can be prohibitively expensive, and hard to manage without the right resources. Outsourcing this function gives your business a solution that puts a team of Cyber Security experts at your disposal 24/7, and won’t break the bank.

Having highly-skilled analysts on board to detect advanced threats and offer advanced managed detection and response services, will enable your business to identify, respond to and mitigate these threats before they become a problem.

C1SOC offers ongoing monitoring of advanced threats across endpoints, networks, cloud environments, and applications. Our services detect emerging, evolving, and established threats through the latest threat intelligence and hunting.


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