4 Culture Hacks for South African Companies to Become more Data-drive

- Microsoft South Africa


How culture hacking can help drive a data culture

The link between a robust, connected company culture and business success is no secret – 92 percent of business leaders say that improving company culture would increase company value. Its worth has become even more widely recognised since the move to a remote or hybrid work environment, with more than a third of South African business leaders admitting to battling with creating a strong and unified team culture.

Culture is the glue that holds companies together. It requires several key ingredients to be successful: clearly defined and communicated core values, solid and supportive leadership, the spirit of collaboration, and the tools that enable this connection even remotely.

Now there is another critical ingredient that needs to be added into the mix: data.

“Data has, for the last few years, been called the new oil. This is because it has the potential to act as a significant differentiator for organisations that have the expertise and resources to gather valuable insights that business leaders can use to make decisions that drive the business forward,” says Johannes Kanis, Cloud and Enterprise Business Group Lead – Microsoft South Africa.

Inspiring a change in culture is no easy feat. One way of addressing this challenge, says Gartner in its featured research in our latest white paper, is to adopt a strategy of culture hacking. 

In this video, we unpack what culture hacking is, and how it can help your business drive a data culture – not just at an executive level, but throughout the organisation.

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