Next names a Trail Blazer in Radicati Data Loss Prevention Market Quadrant.

Smarter people. Safer Data.

Human-centered insider risk & data protection. Discover risks & educate your people.

Our Story

At Next DLP, we started with the people. A small core group of engineers got together to find an industry where we could merge innovation, passion, and simplicity to help people reach their greatest potential. Their attention was drawn towards the world of security—indispensable to modern work, yet often overlooked and taken for granted.

90% of data leaks involve employees

Your people, users, and data are constantly changing and moving. In the hybrid work world, people create, manipulate, and share data dynamically, across multiple channels. The opportunities for data leaks are infinite and your people are the main target. Instead of blocking productivity, implement a data protection strategy that educates employees on risk. Securing your organization starts with securing your people.

DLP that works for today's distributed organizations

Our data protection solution, Reveal, uncovers risk, educates employees and fulfills security, compliance, and regulatory needs. Unlike legacy DLP, Reveal is a flexible, cloud-native, ML powered solution built for today’s threat landscape.

Next Level Service - Managed Data Protection

Next DLP cyber services are a quick and easy way to get started and stay on track with your DLP initiatives.

Discover new ways to protect your data and employees while reducing systemic risk.


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