Innovate at the edge
When your products gain embedded intelligence, you can deliver breakthroughs in your customer experience. SUSE powers your digital products with embedded Linux and high-speed containers at the edge for faster analytics that generate faster business benefits.
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Uncertain times call for open source innovation Improve your IT infrastructure while reducing cost for better business results Choose SUSE to support your enterprise IoT systems Find out how!
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Say Goodbye to Downtime
You rely on your mission-critical SAP systems like SAP S/4HANA to help you drive innovation for your business and your customers. What happens when these critical systems are down? Whether because of planned outages to fix security risks or unplanned interruption, it reduces productivity, revenues and customer satisfaction, while potentially increasing costs.
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Scale with containers

Discover the benefits of containers which enable applications to be rapidly deployed, patched, or scaled to your needs. A Kubernetes-based container platform helps you keep costs down and users happy, improving uptime and portability across multiple on-premise and cloud environments.

High-availability solutions deliver nonstop IT

SUSE delivers high availability IT solutions through converged infrastructure with business-critical Linux and scalable automation. To support the important goal of keeping services available at all times, you can replicate application data across multiple clusters to recover faster. And we deliver the power to apply kernel fixes and upgrade systems without interrupting service so you can better respond to changing market conditions, while keeping your system secure.

Download: Guiding the data upsurge

The amount of data enterprises need to process is growing exponentially, making traditional storage methods no longer affordable. Software-defined storage solutions from SUSE provide businesses with the opportunity to manage data growth with a scalable and cost-efficient data storage solution. 

White paper: Innovate at the edge with SUSE

SUSE enables you to create a smart edge infrastructure so you can bring new capabilities to your products or equipment used in remote locations by deploying smart edge applications. In addition, SUSE helps you to support, maintain and update the platform and the applications over many years — so your products always stay secure and evolve with new capabilities over their lifespan.

White paper: Say Goodbye to Downtime

One-hundred percent uptime might seem out of reach even today, but it is possible to get very close to zero downtime. To do that, you need a strong disaster recovery and high-availability strategy in place. This white paper explores this in more detail.

Open source: driving business, lowering costs

Open source technologies help you lower costs and drive better business outcomes – strong focus areas for any business emerging from a pandemic-induced lockdown. 

Navigating the SAP landscape

As SAP prepares for the imminent end-of-support for its legacy products, forward-leaning organisations are developing plans to upgrade to the next phase of SAP technology modernisation: SAP S/4HANA.                                                                            

Accelerating your journey to the cloud

The long-awaited digital revolution has gained a major boost through the Covid-19 lockdown, speeding up the adoption of cloud services as companies turn their businesses virtual.