Nutanix Connect webinar series on leading and supporting
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Nutanix Connect provides information presented by industry experts, supported by customers, and tied together with interactive tools

Johannesburg, South Africa, May 20, 2020
– Nutanix Sub-Saharan Africa is pleased to announce the launch of Nutanix Connect, an online event series hosted by industry expert, Professor Herman Singh from the Future Advisory on the BrightTalk platform, as well as Paul Ruinaard, Regional Sales Director of Nutanix SSA and an expert panel.

This online series has been designed to help customers, partners and business professionals cut through the muddle of  misinformation and ensure attendees are armed with the industry knowledge needed to embrace technology in the ever-changing business landscape. Each session homes in on a relevant industry topic that is then unpacked and explored by Herman Singh, a business leader, a customer, and a Nutanix’s expert panel. All sharing their experiences and providing advice on how best to approach restructuring the modern workspace in a safe, financially viable and functional way.

“At Nutanix we realise that it’s vital that we do our best to ensure that our organisation doesn’t merely maintain business continuity – but also stays relevant in a changing customer and consumer landscape. This is particularly relevant in this new world of remote workers, cloud file systems, and SaaS-based apps,” said Paul Ruinaard, Regional Sales Director Sub-Saharan
Africa at Nutanix. “Through the Nutanix Connect webinars, we aim to offer our customers answers and solutions to help empower them to meet their IT and business needs, as well as understand them better at the same time. These sessions are so much more than just technology sessions, they provide true, valuable business insights too.” 

Sessions in Nutanix Connect series includes: 

Is the Office Dead?
Firms with large headquarters could be left with white elephants and even the way that visitors are managed could make face to face encounters impractical. In this session, how to think about these questions and a brace for impact will be explored.

Date: 18 June 2020

How Important is Mobility if You Cannot Move?
In this Nutanix Connect session, Professor Herman Singh is set to expand on mobility from a business perspective. He is set to touch on how mobility has impacted all aspects of a company’s operations, and the value in adapting quickly to mobile needs in a time where we are required to be connected remotely.

Date: 1 July 2020

Leading with Confidence
In this session, Professor Herman Singh will provide a broader view on not only the workplace, but the world we live in changing as we know it. He will evaluate just how challenging it may be to continue to inspire and lead teams effectively over the long term.  

Date: 15 July 2020 

Professor Herman Singh is the CEO of Future Advisory, an international firm specialising in digital transformation projects in corporates, and startup acceleration. Singh graduated from Wits at the age of 19 with a four-year Engineering degree and holds two postgrad qualifications. He was appointed managing director at a Barlows factory at the age of 28 and served as a managing director of Siemens’ Industry Division. He later joined Standard Bank as the director of e-commerce and online services, before being appointed director of IT planning and CEO of the bank’s Innovation Hub Beyond Payments. In 2013 he joined MTN as managing executive of m-Commerce and until recently held the role of CDO.

“In light of the current global pandemic, business lockdowns, and shifting economics, we as business professionals are all inundated with messaging of how IT has changed for good. How remote working, clouds, and SaaS apps are now the new normal. But how does this affect your IT teams, your business, and the decisions you need to make your business future-proof as well as stay ahead of mega-trends while still being able to spin up the services you need to?” says Singh. 

“It is a balancing act and it is only through the collective sharing of information and insights that we will as businesses be able to stay ahead of this game.”

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